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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Game for Free or do I have to pay anything?

The Game is 100% Free and No Payment or Deposit is required!

When and how will I get DOGE rewards?

You can catch the Dogecoin in the Game and thus you earn Doge Coins

Hold DOGO Tokens (minimum 50,001 Tokens) in your personal Wallet and earn DOGE a few times a day (you can trigger the transfer by sending a small amount of DOGO from your wallet to another Wallet which you own)

Hold DOGO Credits in the Game and earn DOGE once a day at 4pm UTC

When I catch Dogemons, what am I earning?

If you catch Dogemons, you earn DOGO Credits which you can Swap always 1:1 into DOGO tokens.

Why and how to level up?

If you hold more DOGO Credits in the Game, you can level up. If you are on a higher level, you find more Dogemons and you get more rewards. If you swap DOGO credits to DOGO tokens and you fall below a certain level, you will lose your level.

Why does my app keep showing black screen?

If your phone shows a black screen please give Camera and GPS Access to the App and be sure you installed Google AR as Anrdoid User It is possible the Game does not work on all Phones with an old Software. For iOS you need to have iPhone 10.

My transactions are pending, what do I have to do ?

If you made any deposit or withdrawal in the Game, just wait until the transactions are confirmed and displayed.

My account is limited, how do I fix it?

If your Account is limited, then this happens due to Account review. To Protect our community we integrated some security mechanisms which sometimes requires manual account reviews.

Where can I download the Game?

Download here

Android APK:
Download here

Google Play Store:
Download here

How to withdraw DOGO or DOGE Tokens from the App?

Open the app

Click Withdraw Dogecoin or Dogo Token (if you hold DOGO Credits, swap the DOGO Credits into the DOGO Token via the Swap Button)

Add your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Wallet Adress
Which Wallets can I use?
1: Meta Mask
2. TrustWallet

Confirm the withdrawal and add your Security Code which you get via Email and confirm

DogemonGo NFTs

DogemonGo NFTs

DOGO Token Contract: 0x9E6B3E35c8f563B45d864f9Ff697A144ad28A371 COPY